Q_How do I register for a class? 

A_You can register here online at publicannex.org. If you are a Provider Organization, you can purchase a package of class-passes that can be distributed to participants in your programs. 


Q_How much do the classes cost?

A_All classes, workshops and open studio/farm/weaving sessions are $5 each.


Q_Where are the classes? 

A_Each class, open session, workshop and lecture is site-specific and will take place at a different community partner site. We build relationships with spaces all over Portland, OR, to host our programming. Example: Our Experimental Drawing class takes place at Taborspace


Q_What if I can’t afford to participate?

A_We offer financial aid to help those who would not typically be able to attend our programming due to financial reasons. To inquire about financial assistance, email everybody[at]publicannex[dot]org (not all who apply will receive financial assistance).


Q_What if I need support while I participate?

A_If you require support staff in the community, you will need to be accompanied by your support staff. We will provide your staff with direction for how to best help you succeed in the class or activity. 


Q_What if I can’t make it to every class?

A_There is no penalty for absence. If you miss a class, that $5 will roll over to the next class you take. 


Q_How do I get there?

A_You will be responsible for your own transportation. This will require advanced planning to ensure you will be on time to class!


Q_Do you accept drop ins? 

A_Yes! Feel free to drop in! You can pay the facilitator the $5 entry fee when you arrive. 


Q_Do I get to keep the artwork that I make? 

A_Public Annex offers artist representation as a service. After each quarter, a jury will select pieces to add to the Public Annex archive. We will periodically show work from the archive and the work will be available for purchase at all times. The artist will make 60% of their artwork sales, we will use the other 40% to cover art supplies and the service. Our goal is to elevate your artwork and make it seen! The artwork not selected to join the archive will be given to the artist. 


Q_ As a space working with Public Annex, how will this benefit my space?

A_Public Annex strives to make spaces in our community inclusive by creating programming that is marketed towards marginalized populations, and opening doors to these populations, welcoming them into spaces in the community that they have not previously had access to. Public Annex would also like to highlight existing programming that partner spaces may have, and support them in their missions. 

As an optional service and as a part of our mission, we plan to work with spaces to make them accessible by physically modifying them to meet ADA standards, or to meet the needs of different abilities. Example: Building wheelchair accessible garden beds, adding hand rails, and installing visual signage.