The Story Behind Our Identity

We care deeply and strongly believe in making the world more accessible to people of all abilities. We want every portion of our organization to be accessible, including our visual identity. This means we want our visual language to have many access points; ex- points for visual and non visual learners or for people of different neuro-abilities. 

The base of our identity is GT Pressura by Grilli Type, a very readable, flexible typeface that resembles utilitarian type used on marquees or type stamped on shipping boxes. The type is often paired with an image which sits upon an underscore which represents a physical space. The icons are constantly changing to represent the many things that Public Annex offers. Each Public Annex event/program/project/person is assigned a specific icon that then become a trackable visual language that can be accessed by those who don't read, or are visual learners. We recognize that we have definitely not yet created something that is accessible to all, but we plan to dedicate ourselves to continually investigating how we can make our identity more and more inclusive. We would love to hear your comments and suggestions

The Public Annex identity was designed by Portland designer Brian Walbergh (www.brianwalbergh.com).