Are you a provider organization that works to serve people with disabilities? 

Public Annex wants to collaborate with you to provide what your organization needs! Please feel free to contact us directly to discuss the possibilities. everybody[at]publicannex[dot]org


How it works

  • Public Annex programming is structured to be convenient for provider organizations by offering integrated art and farming classes in community spaces around Portland at opportune times. 

  • For $5/person/2-3 hour class (materials included), our regular weekly classes are an accessible and affordable option for reaching community integration goals!

  • PublicAnnex is not a licensed provider organization, we are a community arts organization that works to make the arts accessible to people who often do not have access to these resources. 

  • We invite a wide variety of communities to attending our low-cost programming, making these classes very diverse and integrated.

  •  We do not provide direct-care support and encourage participants to bring providers with them if support is needed while attending the classes. 

  • Public Annex hires talented local facilitators whom are experts in their trades. 

  • All facilitators receive comprehensive training based around making their curriculums accessible to people all along the disability spectrum.


Materials included.
Free for all support staff.

  • Participants have the option to register for an entire term of a class or to purchase single drop in passes that can be used at any class. 

  • Passes can be bought in bulk by provider organizations and used over time. Passes do not expire.

  • There is no penalty for a missed class, the pass will simply roll over to the next class. 

  • Some classes are more beneficial when attended regularly throughout the term. Ex- Building Healthy Relationships.

    Buy class passes here!